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It does the job!

Wow, found stuff others missed

I'm a believer. Going to put it on my wife's Mac next.

Fantastic Product

I suspected that I had an issue and Antivirus Zap confirmed and took care of it!

Easy going

Try this one as a reliable source,and stay using your good sense,then your mac is safe indeed.

Easy to use

Works just fine, however, everytime you use it, without knowing if there are any virus or adware, it always prompts "did it work?" How are we to tell? right away? Pressuring us to answer immediately. Annoying.

quick and easy

love the program so far. quickly found files to remove

Antivirus Zap

User friendly! Success!

This app has helped me a lot!

There was one file in my computer that was causing problems and this app was able to detect it quickly after just one scan. I'm happy so far with this app!

Very Aggressive but easy to use!

Needed a new antivirus software and this app is very easy to use and appears to be very thorough!


Runs in th e background and has cleaned trash and several trogan viruses from my desk top computer . I think its much better than Norton.

Great App!

Very good app to eliminate malware from your computer


Works as advertised. Really like that it scans e-mail as well for phishing scams!

Great app

Very useful

Good But Slow

Seems to do the job, but it’s so slow (takes a good hour or more, depending on which type of scan I choose), and that’s with the latest update. The long scan time is a big inconvenience, and I feel I can only run it when I don’t need the computer when this is running.


Seems to be nice and easy. This is the first app like this that I've tried and this seems like a good one.

Antivirus Zap

it work's great highly recomened it


So quick and it took care of all the BS ive had on my mac for too long thank you!

Very Good So Far

Installed and just did a quick scan (which took about an hour) and discovered a number of adware and phishing attacks. almost all have been on my computer for the last two years. I purchased this because my computer has been running slow and I suspected an attack just the other day due to a mistake by myself. I will do a deeper scan later. I had a competitors app installed a while back. Upgrades were costing a small fortune and results were minimal. Hopefully my Mac will run better now.

Great app.

All the maleware that was popping up on my computer was identified and I was given directions how to remove it.

It Worked

This app found and removed an imbeded Trojan Virus on the first time running the full scan on my Mac. Many of my other disk scaners missed it.


Very helpful. Great tool.



from a SO not technical user.

This works great ALL the time. All viruses found (very few) were easily removed by clicking on “remove”. Yesterday was a big test for me. I had what they call a “hidden file” and it would not be removed. One email to support, and they walked me thru with an easy to follow email. Would highly recommend this - just keep it up to date. I hadn’t, and that’s why I had to write for help. After updating, the pertinent information was there.

freaking sweet, yo.

the title says it all..

Worked great

After using this app it helped clean up my Mac and identify the problems

Antivirus Zap

seems to have worked perfectly!.hope the results are long lasting!

Awesome app! Worth every penny.

Cleaned everything in under and hour. Love it.

It Works!

An insidious program (rhymes with FlackCreeper) modified nine (9) files, without my explicit permission, which were STILL present on my disk even after a full shakedown by Clean My Mac X. Completely worth the low price!

it works

it works

It worked.

Had an Adware problem I couldn’t make go away. Bought and used this and the problem disappeared. The interface was easy: I didn’t waste time figuring what I was supposed to do. And the price was good.

Mike here

Just used it for first time, picked up thirty six problems my current Malware program failed to find. Looks very promising. Quite supprised that Apple via new upgrade promotes a virus protection program...never saw that before. I'm glad its finally happened.

Mac Anti Virus

Worked as advertised!

Removed Bing redirect virus from Mac

I was pretty surprised but after one scan and removal of problem files the app cleared up the virus that takes you to Bing when using Google. Impressed!

Antivirus Zap purchase

I am happy to find this Antivirus App for my new MacBook Pro. Upon purchasing the App I ran a quick scan and within less than 20 minutes the App found 15 Adware on my MacBook. Removed them all and I am very satisfied of this purchase... well worth it.

Fantastic app

My mac was sluggish and the fan kept running. This app found bitmining bots operating on my computer, as well as several adware programs. My mac runs like new now. Love this app.

scanned discover xterimanted!


Love it

Love it

Antivirus Zap


Effectively Efficient

Does what it claims, quickly and effortlessly. An asset!


10/10/18…. I’m new to MAC so looked for any legit antivirus to keep me from getting into trouble……this one seemed to work just fine……I’ll update later.

Works great!

With Antivirus Zap you have several different scan options from full scan to quick scan. As for my Mac the first scan found over 20 threats and 2 since then. Threats I would have not known about without Antivirus Zap. Another good thing to mention is that I do not notice any computer speed changes in this program.

Seems towork OK

Found over 100 on initial scan. Removed all.

this worked

cleaned all the problems i was having on my mac and now it is running like it is suppose to... thanks again for this app

Found stuff

found stuff Intego did not find

Helped me rid corrupted files.

Helped me finally remeove some troublesome corrupted files that got into my computer via false advertising.


Full protiction .... Good app thanks ... face2facesad

Seems to work well!

Over time, Anti-Virus Zap has detected a handful of redirect viruses on my machine, and other small malware scripts. And I’m happy to have eliminated those!!! Initially, I was reticent to download this (or any) third-party antivirus app, as I’ve heard that many of these apps are actually viruses, themselves. ...I wished I knew more about malware and tech to have a knowledgeable approach to the removal process, but unfortunately I don't. A somewhat more tech savvy friend recommended this to me, though, and so I rolled with it. Cons - None? Again, I’m not tech-adept enough to notice if it’s not detecting certain files, or if it has other flaws. ...It seems to locate malware and delete it, which is what it’s supposed to do! Perks: - It scans through all your files and seems to work fairly quickly. 5-10 minutes, depending on your machine. - It then gives you options to locate the malware in your system (I think it’s interesting to know where the files are buried) - It is easy to remove the files, via the app and / or manually. - And then you’re done. No complicated interface or user issues. It’s pretty self-explanatory. ** It is FREE!!! One of the few apps that are free!! ...Which is why I took time to write a review, as a thank you. :) Thanks, Anti-Virus Zap! It was pretty cool of you to share your helpful app with everyone.

Can’t minimize or move it elsewhere...

I think it is a great app overall, it does as promised, but the only problem I see is you can not move the app or minimize it. It is a bit annoying because it is in the way when it does the scan. Please fix this in the future update, thanks!

It Works!

Easy to use, and did what I needed it to do

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