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Goodbye phishing email

Found the problem and quickly eliminated it.

A Valuable Tool

This software identified and removed many malware files from my old computer. One file was hidden and locked and the Support Team was great in giving me tips on how to locate it, which I eventually did. Now I have a new laptop and, even though it is, it seems to pick up malware daily so using AntiVirus Zap is crucial for keeping it virus-free.

Works Great!

I selected a quick scan. Found 4 threats and deleted them. Works as advertised.

uses Clamav database

Came with good reviews , long scans that are high energy usage for your mac . Didn’t find any bugs and thats a good thing .Don’t scan if you have a workflow . Little Snitch told me it’s using clamav as the antivirus database which is a good thing I guess .

Caught 40 things that got missed before

Holy Cow! 40 threats caught! How could so much get missed by a bigger named app? ZAP is amazing! I kept seeing three threats that I just couldn’t figure out, and they couldn’t get removed either by an app or manually. ZAP got them… and 37 more!

Found 100+ Malware files that I could not manually delete.

Well worth the $4.99, found over 100 infected files that i couldnt manually delete. So far so good!



Looks Perfect

I had before Thor Antivirus which appeared as a fake. This one looks just perfect, found viruses and infected emails and removed them. Will let you know more later, because I use it a first day



Didnt know that i had to have a malware remover

This app is excellent. Highly recommended for every macbook or iMac.

Completely effective, great customer support

This zero’ed in on two malware/adware programs that had latched onto my computer. One of them seemed to keep returning, so I contacted support, attached the log file, and was recommended to try the browser restore scan then do a restart, which worked. The fact that it works as well as it does, as affordable as it is, and as straight forward as it is, is impressive enough. But to have support follow up with a genuine interest in resolving the issue is something extremely rare to come by these days. I can honestly say: don’t bother with anything else.

Glad I bought it

This is my first review and am taking the time because it works. I had that vicious MacCleaner malware, so i knew i had an issue. It found and cleaned all of those…..found a total of 35 infected files. I’m new to the MacOS world, and I thought they were impervious to malware. Glad I bought it. Well worth the price.

Best App Ever for Mac

I love this this app. I typically run a scan once or twice a month, to ensure all malware/viruses are caught and detained. The only thing I’d like to expand within this app is the conclusion of the virus/malware removal. I wish their was was a more inclusive notification of when the bad items are removed and efficiently cleaned from the computer. Aside from this minor detail, the app is the best.

AntiVirus Zap - Virus and Adware

I was very pleased with this application. I was strictly a windows user for writing my programs in c++ and used malware bytes as my anti virus application. I was trying to find a good anti virus application through apple and noticed and also heard bad things about McAfee throughout my compnay and credible websites. This simple anti virus application does the job and is reliable for anybodys needs adding a layer of security to your PC or Notebook. I reccommend this application.

2 malware and 1 trojan found and removed!

Great app at a small price for the performance! I’m super happy with this app and will tell Mac owners about it.

It found bad things right away

Admittedly, this was the first time I’ve ever used this, but it found some bad stuff and I was able to delete or send to trash.

Worked Great even for a beginner!

A friend told me about Antivirus Zap when I was having malware problems on Mac office desktop. It was a quick fix. I also have a Mac Book and another Mac desktop in my office at home, and I ran it on all three and they are all in great shape.

Great App

Didnt know macs could get threats

solved my crisis

I clicked on what I thought was an adobe update (duh, it wasn’t), and my internet experience afterwards was a mess: pop-ups, email not working properly, ugh. This app worked as I had hoped. It zapped almost 30 problems, and after checking the web browser, all seems to be good. Whew.

Worked great !!

The scan found two threats that i had no idea were on my computer. awesome !

Worked better than others I have tried

For me, Antivirus Zap found threats that were missed by one of the most popular free home solutions (name begins with “S”). I’ve been using the latter for many years and will continue to do so in conjunction with Antivirus Zap, just in case, and also because “S” warns me of sites with potential problems before I visit them and lets me configure the type of content that will triger warnings. Also, I occasionally use another malware solution (abbreviated name = “MB”), which was heavilly endorsed to me by Apple Tech Support, and Antivirus Zap detects threats that were missed by that one, too, although it’s possible that these anomalies were due to the state of my computer at the times I have run“MB” and whether its viral definitions had been updated. I’ll need to do additional comparisons regarding Antivirus Zap and “MB.” Also, the fact that Antivus Zap came out on top may be because Antivus Zap was a paid app, whereas I’ve used only the free versions of the other two utilities.

Very impressed!

This app is fast and efficent, finding the infected files and removing them from the files. I’ve had other programs that took much longer and were much more complicated to work with and never completely accomplished the job that this app does. Well worth the money!!!

Found 25 threats

Works great, cheap, easy peasy. No reason not to buy this.

Easy to use

Easy to use, fast and better than the more expensive anti-malware apps.

Easy and does a great job

Two of my favorite things to say about an app is that it is easy to use and that they do a good or great job. This is one of those apps. I know I had to pay for it but compaired to some of the higher rated security apps, this ones best. Only one thing would make it better an that would be it would be free. It has caught viruses and moe that the following security software/apps has missed: Sophos, McFee Security, Fyde, Adguard Pro, and Trend. Now maybe some of those would have caught the viruses, content shield, and more. I don’t know what made me actually pay for this app when I only wanted the free version with the others, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is I feel that it is doing a good job and it does give you the option for quick scans, or extensive scans, which is nice.

Simple, and Works Well

One reason to own a Mac is that they don’t get viruses etc. as often as PCs. BUT they do get them! We avoid advertised sites and other sketchy-sounding sites, but a few months ago, we started getting alerts that our Mac was infected so Click Here. Obviously an attempt to trick us into downloading viruses! We found this app when we searched for virus scan products for Macs. It’s easy to download and install. Very easy to use. We like that it runs in the background and offers a number of options, such as Quick Scan, Normal Scan, Full Scan, Directory Scan, and Browser Restore Scan. They all seem to take a few hours—even the Quick Scan. But initially, a Full Scan found over 30 infected files. We checked the boxes to allow the app to remove them. Recently, we ran the scan again, and it found 2 more infected files. We plan to run this every week or two from now on!

Works Great, Best $4.99 spent

Updated my adobe flash, the update installed adware/malware and then tried to sell me an ap to get rid of what it just installed. Now I understand why Steve Jobs didn’t like adobe. Anyway downloaded this ap, fired it up for a full scan. It found 39 infected files. I erased them and all is well again. Thanks

Squeaky Clean

I suspected malware, but other programs did not unearth any appreciable threats. My iMac was running slow and appeared to be processing several bacground routines of which I could not see. Yet, I noticed several anomalies, which changed the rendering of specific application icons. This suggested possible malware incursions. The Antivirus Zap located 44 threats one iMac, 8 on another, and two between another iMac and MacBook Pro. It turned out that all four machines found malware associated with an App Store recommended application of which I had been using with confidence. I will contact the developer to be aware of the malware anomaly and/or incompatibility.

really works

really is good

Safe and effective

Have used this app on my new and older Mac. Does the job. Nothing fancy: a workhorse. Highly recommended.

Did the job!

This application did the job in identifying and removing malware/adware.

Worked quickly and effectively.

Got rid of a very persistent and scary ransomware bug. Thank You!!!

Safari is back in business!

Identified 18 malware and removed them.

It Worked!

Thst's all one can ask from a Virus and Adware App. Good job...

I am not srue why all the rave reviews

I decided to give this app a try because of all the rave reviews. I am dissapointed as I opted for a quick scan and after 2 hours it is still scanning. How long will a full scan take a day or so, no thanks apps is going into to garbage. I have used other similar apps in the past and a quick scan is just that 15-30 min tops.

Miss Boo

This App is the best! Since installing Antivirus Zap, it has detected all of my phishing emails as well as a problem with Adobe Flash that my other AV software didnt even pick up on. I recently started getting a pop up saying that my Mac OS was infected and wouldn’t let me get to my homepage. Since i run the AVZap almost every day, I knew this was a scam, (support # given was NOT 1-800-myapple--plus they wanted to scan my computer (yeah, right). I immediately ran my Antivirus Zap, it detected the malware, removed it and all is well! Highly recommend this!

Works great!

I am pleased with Antivirus Zap in that it has discovered and removed 5 malware infections on the first use.

Great Cleaner

This app is easy to use and is without complicated menus. It does what you bought it for. It cleans a drive without letting you know wich drive it is. I have yet to find a way how to clean my backup drives.

Nice & Easy Product

I am new to Mac and finding the products to be of a superior value. That includes this one. I would suggest this one to any one I know

Worked great

I was a lttle leary about the software but it worked great and was very easy to use.

Just like it advertised

Recognized ADWARE. Gave me the option. I zapped it from my iMac. I’m smiling.


I wasn’t having any particular problem, but this app had enough 5 star ratings I felt it was worth it to give it a try. Turns out I had a few phishing emails buried deep that other apps missed. Cool.

Just what was needed. Problem solved.

I somehow acquired a virus that was an extension on my safari browser. Whenever I went to safari I was redirected to "Any Search Manager”. I couldn’t find this in my applications. This app quickly found it when I did the browser restore scan. problem solved. this was a very inexpensive way to solve my problem.

Great value

Took a few hours, 108 items found. I’m Happy. I knew my computer was running like junk.

New user

New user so far did what i wanted

Mac runs like new!

My mac runs like it did when I first installed the SSD

Works so far!

My I-MAC wa slow and it would not stay connected to the internet. I had to restart the computer if I did not make an enrty in 15 minutes or 30 minutes if I was working on an internet sight. I used computer cleaners, which cleaned some of the bad files; but I still expereinced the internet conection problems. I paid over a hundfed $$ for a service to clean my computer, and it took care of my problem temporarily, but did not solve it. I purchased and installed Antivirus Zap sofware on my computer and did a quick scan. It found 52 corrupted files that the other 3 attempts did not find. I deleted the corrupted files and my computer seems to be running faster and I was able to reconnect to the internet without having to restart my computer. What was said in previous writeups about MacKeeper and Megabackup is true. They are bad for your computer and patience. They apparently plant bugs deep in your computer so they disrupt things so you will buy their software at a monthly charge which is more than the one-time sale price of Anti-virus Zap. Antivirus Zap detected these deepl hidden viruses. I hope it detected and allowed me to, delete these files from mhy computer operating system. Only time will tell. It is well worth the $4.95 adn savings in my personal frustrations to regain control of my own com[puter. I look forwafd to doing a Normal, Full, and Directory scan in the next few days over night so I can be sure that it gets them all. It is also nice to know that this software will alert and protect me to future viruses as my compujter is exposed to them.

Seems fine

I didn’t really have any issues, but the price was right so I use it to keep things clean. It finds the occational file and hasn’t screwed anything up, so… FIVE STARS!


My computer had ground to a halt it would not access the internet and I could not get safari to operate or function or search, or type in new directions. obtained this program fromm the AP store ran one scan and found 9 issues 8 were minor number 9 was and older program i installed in 2017 .deleted them. computer now works like it is supposed to.

Extremely beneficial!!!!

I use this App on my iMac, MacBook Air, and iPad and it has removed malware, addware and phising from my devices. You be amazed what or where you can get addware and these annying malware links from and this app has been able to remove them all. It is that simple!!!!

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