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Not working as advertised

Zap Antivirus is flagging too many files which are not infected. The developer should release an update to remove this false positives.

Fixed it!

I downloaded Antivirus Zap as a second option, when the first app (Adware Removal) failed to successfully remove a chum malware (and others) after several runnings and re-starts of my computer. After the first run, Antivirus Zap successfully located and removed 4 problematic threats/viruses/malware! I am very happy. And now back to all the work I need to do :) thank you

Bug Buster

Installed app and found numerous malware threats. Zap has made it easy to apply and simple tp remove the bugs.

Great Customer Support

I had an issue of the same adware junk showing up so I sent an email directly to Vorros. Tom explained the problem that they had found on my computer and how to fix it. I did as he suggested and the is now gone. Thanks, Tom.

Very Good App

Effective efficient. Works well. Necessary to have with all the spyware and malware!

too many false posities

the app flags too many false positives while you scan the system. it is annoying to ask the customers to review the app everytime after a scan.

Great little app

This week, I downloaded a video editing program on a free trial and did not realize that it had tons of adware and malware along for the ride. Right away, pop ups took over my MacBookAir and rendered all browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) pretty much useless. YouTube stalled out and even text-only sites were crawling, so I decided to look up anti-virus apps on the App Store. My advice is, if you have problems - or would like to AVOID problems, spend the money and take the plunge. It’s fast and efficient and it spells out what it found, where it’s located and how it can remove it. I had 4 files with malware and 2 with adware. All browsers are up and running now at full speed. Unlike the PC programs (Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee) this was pretty slick and simple - and at $5 it’s well worth it!

so far so good

AntivirusZap found one malware file that was Adware. I look forward to having less such disturbances. This was very good. This was my first result but if there is a further need for a positive or negative review I will be back.


A great app. I have peace of mind, at last! Good bye to all those other anti-virus programs. By the way, the tec department at Apple that recommended Anti-virus Zap are a great bunch of helpful people. Kudos to them too.

not remove MyCouponize

I bought it to get rid of the MyCouponize adware. Waste of time and money. Tried everything including the browser reset but the problem is still here.

Good so far!

Careful of downloading bogus Flash update and getting Advanced Mac Cleaner which plants various files. Seems to have worked. Time will tell. Easy to use. Full scan takes a while but worth the trouble. Update: Good to check for inadvertently picked up ad and malware.


Great app. Works just like it says no prob. Thanks Zap


Found 68 items and erased them all, great stuff.

Safari Went From Unusable to Working Like New

I saw that my Safari was stuck on extensions that I had never installed and the “wheel” spun around and around and it was impossible to quit Safari, even with Force Quit. I installed this app and ran it. It corrected the problem and found 22 instances of malware that was effecting my computer. It is fantastic!

It is not working as advertised

I had a problem with Optibuy and after the scan, I still have same problem. The app is crashing when I want to scan my external HDD, giving me an eject error.

removed all my adware and malware, took some time to scan

it did the job


This worked better than i had hoped for. It found all the threats that an online company found and wanted to charge me over $200.00 for.I praise this program and the developers. Thank you.

Found 90 threats

i kept getting pop ups saying my computer had a virus..i thought Macs dont get virus i called apple support they really werent any help..then i decided to go in the Apple Store to search virus scan and found this program..was absolutely free..did the scan twice only because there were over 90 threats..seems to be working great now…thanks zap

Very good

Mailwarebytes Anti-Malware said OK. Antivirus Zap2.0.1 Full Scan 3 Hr.: Found 35 running; 33 Advare, 2 Malware. Removed and ran again.. Antivirus Zap2.0.1 Full Scan 3 Hr.: Found 0. Does what it says, A Keeper App. Version 2.0.1 (2011)-Aug. 11, 2017 Mlw


Thiis software is fast and easy to Best one ever


Did what it was suppose to do very well. 10/10.

Super Useful, Thanks

I downloaded it after doing a fair amount of research on this app and I’m pleased to say that it worked very well. No surprises, nice interface, easy to use, found the files at risk (not as many as I thought) trashed them and I’m back to happy Mac time. Thank you for developing this free and easy app.

Excellent App

I installed this app to get rid of some adware and malware that I got after installing Google Chrome, it was able to find 38 threats and remove most of them automatically, only 4 of them had to be manually removed which was a very simple task. Definitely recommend this app.

Great app!

Use it once a week to keep my computer virus free. This app does a great job! Highly recommended.

Anti Virus Zap

After downloading a Google app, my computer slowed to a crawl and I ended up with numerous pop ups and redirects. Ran this program and found 34 threats. Removed all automatically with one requiring a manual removal. The deep scan took time but overall I am very pleased and would absolutely recommend this app

Great App

Works as advertised. Excellent product

Takes too long to complete a scan

I am a regular Mac user, so normal pictures, music, some documents from my work, this kind of stuff. The scan took more than 8 hours and suddenly after this 8 hours the app crashed. A fix must be done a.s.a.p


Seems to do the job. I wish the scan dialog wasn’t modal (so you could move it about and bring it to the front / send it back) but otherwise I think this is a hot product!

Too many false positive

AvZap is flagging Safari and Firefox as malware over and over again. Total Fail.

Seems to Work Well

I installed the free app and then ran a full scan and it found 12 files that had malware. Removed them and so far it seems to have helped speed up the computer.

Crash error

When I try to scan my external network drive the app simply crashes. Also I noticed that the app freezes at some point when I want to scan my Windows 7 BootCamp installation.

Worked Great!

It found 87 threats, 3 had to be removed manually. Glad to get rid of that junk!

it found issues

It found 18 threats no other could find. One had to be manually removed. It told you how to remove the file it was easy. Now I know what programs to dump that have been producing bad files. Odd thing is that this Zap program found 18 threats and no other antivirus paid or otherwise could. this is a keeper.

Optibuy is still here causing problems

I had downloaded this app to solve a problem I have with OptiBuy. No luck so far. Waste of time, OptiBuy is still here showing ads on my browser.

Can damage your USB

After I tried to scan my USB stick, the thumb drive stopped working. I was lucky that I did not had any important data on it so it was not such a big lost. Be careful when you scan any USB device with this app.

Works Well

Did exactly what I needed it to do and is very simple to operate. I highly reccomend this if you are having issues with malware etc. on your Apple computer.

beware, you might lose data

beware if you want to scan an external usb stick. I lost my files because of this app and the usb stick stopped working. I tried to scan it but the app crashed and my usb stick stopped working.

Not working as described

The app is not working as described, it is crashing when you try to scan any removable device such as USB stick or USB HDD. More it is providing many false positives in the browser history files and flag them as adware. I don’t know how this app get so many 5+4 stars reviews. Apple should investigate this.

It worked — thank goodness!

It found 44 infected files and most of them the app was able to remove. The six it could not do, it directed me to find them in Finder and manually delete. Got that done and my misery appears to have come to an end.

very disappointed

when I try to scan my network wifi HDD simply the app freeze and I have to force quit it. Not working as advertised. The scan took more than 2 hours to complete which is not pretty fast.

Good job!

Used for the first time today! 62 infected files removed! Seems to have done it’s job well!

Crash again and again

If I try to scan my usb stick, the app crash. The developer should fix this problem because it is annoying. Same thing happend when I try to scan my usb external HDD which has the TimeMachine backup on it.


After selecting the Quick or Deep Scan, the app display that it scanned some files and then “Starting Deep Scan Engine” appear. My question is: Who scanned the files in the first place? An invisible engine? I doubt about the genuine of this app….

Worked as advertised.

Free! Instant download, full scan took a while, one click and it all over. No more pop ups, no more annoying adware. Thank you!

Slow, but good.

Easy to use to delete infected files. Takes some time, but it is definately worth it!

works fast and in the background

Removed all traces of those annoying sites that pop up unasked for when opening unrelated sites. Intuitive to use. Just what I was looking for.

Found 77 instances on MacBook Pro OS Sierra (10.12.5)

I ran the app for the first time yesterday: quick scan detected no instances; in-depth scan detected 34 instances, 33 of which in messages and 1 of which in users/me/dropbox. Then I had to restore my MacBook Pro to the day before state because of anomolous behavior after installing Malware Bytes for Mac (warning — don’t repeat this mistake, there is a problem with Malware Bytes for Mac based on my experience). Okay, so on the second day I reinstalled Antivirus-Zap and started it by immediately running an in-depth scan. This time 77 instances were detected, presumably including the 34 instances that were restored overnight along with my MacBook Pro. Why the difference? This time I left the internet connection active, but mailbox app was not open; the day before internet connection was not active. This time I ran Antivirus-Zap with signature updates that were one day later than the day before. Otherwise no clue. Why four stars? Because I’ve been using ESET Cyber Security Pro (v for real-time protection 1 year now since the MacBook Pro was new and recently with all the ransomware threats have been doing almost daily in-depth scans which did not detect these instances. So it makes sense to use more than one product, especially when they don’t compete with each other for computer resources. ESET is real time, while Antivirus-Zap is on-demand only. Why not five stars? Transparency affects my confidence in the product, and it isn’t real clear to me why this time 77 instances were found while the last time only 34 were found. I’ve read somewhere (hearsay) only the most current known threats are included in the signatures so the app stays nimble. Did the signature update include old threats based on my day earlier scan results, so that now similar old threats were detectable? Important note: I am using the freeware version of Antivirus-Zap.

Antivirus Zap

Found two infections and cleaned it up. Really great app.

Good so far!

Picked up some malware somewhere. Your program seemed to snap it up! Also found many more malwares I didn’t know were on here! :O Glad I piced yours!!

Can’t open file

This app is blocking me to open my presentation file written in PowerPoint. I just do not know how is doing that, but one thing is sure: I can’t open my files.

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