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I would recommend this to everyone.

So I have used other antimalware apps such as Malwarebytes which I thought was very good. However after just installing and doing a normal scan, this app is finding far more issues. I am very impressed and would recommend this app highly just with my first impressions. The price is fantastic especially when you only pay the one time purchase instead of doing costly subscriptions.

AAA wonderful app 👍

so far so good offers the same as the other yearly subscriptions at this low cost. you want be disappointed and you can start it to come on with your computer at start up or not. the bug looks nasty but hey thats what it removes 💙❤️💜💛 it stays in the bar at top while you can hide it from your dock… highly recommended !!! 🙃

Works great, half price!!

Just ran a scan of my MacBook. It didn’t really take too long to do a full scan; about 1 hour. Found a dozen threats and removed them. Seems to have worked very well.

Antivirus Zap

I had lot of infected files. It took almost an hour to go through all files and I had to remove about 120 infected files manually. This seems like a great product. i recommewnd this app for any person who need to get the mac cleaned. I kept using this product for few weeks and today morning I found only one infected file. I was able to get rid of it soon. This product works great.

Buy it! Highly recommended.

The price was cheap and it found several malewares on my computer. Glad I got it.

Protect Your Mac from malware

I liked it and I am sure it will be good to use often.

Very Good App

I run this app at least once a month whether I know or not if there is a problem. Most often it picks up at least one file that is an infection. I have noticed that my Apple MacPro runs a bit faster whenever I run it. The only reason I give it four stars is that I haven’t found a good explanation of what each choice means or does. Overall, I recommend it as one of the best apps I have ever installed.



Better Safe Than Sorry...

With all the threats out there and security breaches with trusted companies, it pays tp be proactive. Just a quick scan found 8 issues in less than 10 mins. I am not a tech geek, I use the term lovingly, so I need something simple and effective and this seems to be it.

Great app!

Use it once a month to keep my computer virus free. This app does a great job! Highly recommended.

So far, so good...

Just downloaded this app and ran it. Took about half an hour to do a 'normal' scan on my iMac. I had been using Malwarebytes and was coming up consistently 'clean'. Antivirus Zap picked up 34 infected files, and I was able to easily get rid of them. Very easy to use. How effective will it be over time? I'm too inexperienced to know.

Simple & Effective

I’m a long term Mac guy. I had the orginal 128K Mac. I did’t think I need Virus protection but I was wrong. This works! Great at twice the price.I’ve usd if for the last month or so and It catches one ore two a week.

It works

It worked for me.

I wanted to have “another opinion” about the health of my Mac,

so I decided to try Antivirus Zap to get another opinion about the health of iMac. As noted by others in the reviews, it runs a long time, I let it run overnight. It found 24 items to delete, all Adware. I am moderately attentive to monitoring the health of my system by running various system security software, so I didn’t expect to find anything too severe and didn’t.

Adobe Virus

I inadvertently downloaded the fake Adobe Update that installed a frustrating search program. This app appears to have removed it completely. Like others in the reviews, I too would rather identify the files and see them deleted instead of just being struck through (maybe an update?).

Idiot proof

I do not know what I am doing, but this app helped me and it was fast.

So far so good

Although I’ve only had it a few months, it seems like this does it’s job. Running a deep scan last night it found 71 infected files. Removing them is as simple as clicking the “remove” button. So much for viruses not going after Macs! Highly recommend.

Nice product with a GREAT price

After never being bit with a virus on my Mac, I got bombarded with it yesterday. I think it has something to do with malware saying "You must update your Adobe Flash player" or something of that sort. And once that showed up, there was not stopping it. I first looked at the leaders in anti-virus, but the malware made it impossible to get the info I needed. So I visited the Mac App Store, found this highly-rated app, and it seems to have found all of the issues that I've been dealing with for the last day. Kudos to this company - great product at a great price.

Quck vs Full Scan

Great problem and fast! I used the Quick Scan yesterday and this program found 1 adware which I chose to remove. Today I ran the Full Scan and it found 7 adware which I chose to remove. I had no idea those “bugs” were in my computer! I have not used the Normal Scan nor the Directory Scan yet but I plan too!!

Does the Job..

I had a severe problem, couldn’t send images via iMessenger. Spent time with a high level consultant and even talked with Apple support, both tried to fix but to no avail. Ran this APP and it found (4) malious adwares, deleted them and the problem was fixed!! For me, this APP works great!!

Quick Scan

Not to much to review yet. Scan was done in a reasonable amount of time. Infected files were found and deleted. Now we’ll see if there’s any difference in performance…

it found issues

It found a lot. It shows a little window all the file it finds, then deletes some. Others have to be manually deleted. Some adware are hidden. The window, I paged down 153 times x 3 or 4= a whole lot from 11/24/2017 thru 2/15/2018. threats no other could find. A bunch had to be manually removed. It told you how to remove the file it was easy. Now I know what programs to dump that have been producing bad files. Odd thing is that this Zap program found 18 threats and no other antivirus paid or otherwise could. this is a keeper. It found a malware that Dr antivirus count find. If it couldnt delete it with your password then it shows you how to find it and delete it. excellence service in same day. They sent me direction on how to use the terminal in my mac and a formula to extract a hidden adware file that had to be manually deleted. This works great.


As a programmer you have my suggestion to get it soon as possible. App works 100% ! Even if you are dummy it cleans the system automatically and navigates to delete some viruses manually Thank you, Great job!

At Last!

This tool finallyfound the malware that was trying to go thru CUJO, my firewall to communicate with whoever infected me. This App is only $4.99! What a deal. Thank you Voros Innovation Lt.d

Not an accurate scan?

The scan designated one of my heavily used and important applications as Adware. I’m not sure why it came to that conclusion, but it was a bit disappointing to see this. It made me question the other results of the scan. I felt the need to download another virus/adware scanner to see if it came to the same conclusions. Has my heavily used and important application become infected? It just generated more questions and confusion.

Simple to use and guess what, it works!

I was looking for a youtube to mp3 converter and what i found was adware, popups and a suddenly very untrustworthy Macbook. I purchased Anti-virus Zap and after a few minutes of running it found the source of all the little bugs in my system and zapped them away! I am confident that this product works and was so worth the money!

It works

I tried a couple of different tools to clean malware from my Mac with no luck. This one got the job done.

works as advertised

Using macs for years and the scum with viruses finally are able to get in the mac but this app runs once a week and now my mac is super quick highly recommend.

Worked like it says.

I purchased it to help clean up my work laptop and after the first run it found 26 adware issues. Removed them and the laptop seems to be working like new. The only down side is because of it doing such a detailed full scan, it seems to take a long time to complete, but hey you want a product that does a good job right?

customer service is terrible

It’s been 3 weeks since I contacted them about some scan options on their software won’t work (for ex, browser restore scan, which is why I purchased this software). I’ve gotten only 1 email response, after 10 days, and they did not help with the issue, merely told me what the benefit of the browser restore scan was (which I already knew). Not helpful. I asked for a refund 11 days ago and still no response.

Seems fast and easy but I dont have any long term results as I've

Seems fast and easy but I dont have any long term results as I’ve only had it two days. On the initial scan it found 12 bugs (Adware) and you have a choice whether to keep or remove. Not sure about real time protection and actual virus detection and response as yet.

Simple and fast

Mistakenly download something in an erroneous Abodbe upgrade. So I came to the app store to look for a highly rated app to help. Paid for 2 others that seemed to work, when using the scan, but they weren’t as simple or intuitive as I would have liked. Then I got this and it was much better in terms of. ease of use and speed of scan and detection. I’m glad I found it.


Great product at a great price. My Mc is debugged!!!!!

Excellent app!

My computer was running slow and I never delete my old emails so I suspected I had some issues. This app scanned my files and found over 150 files that had problems. They have since been removed and my MacBook is running at top speed. I highly recommend this app!

A $5 Great Gift! Just Buy This!

What a deal! It found no viruses but it did find and killed several adwares, html exploits and phishings. Sweet!


great app. worth the $

Rest Assured

Like many of us I was skeptical about free virus software. When it was recommended by the Apple folks I decided to give it a try and have not been sorry. With all the ADs that for some reason always attach themselves to our computer, I gave this a try and it works. I run it periodically and sure enough it finds those pesky files and removes them. I love this app

Easy to use and very efficient

So far, I’ve only used the Quick Scan and it faithfully finds malware in my email folder (imagine that). I highly recommend this software!

so far so good

i just downloaded it, and i had it scanned my enitre mac book air. i only had 6 adwares and they removed it for me. i will try and scan it once a week to make sure everything is alright with my mac

Gives me great “Peace of Mind"

First of all, I’m thankful for the friend who recommended this app to me. The first time I ran it, there were something like 54 issues that it discovered and got rid of. I have run it once a week since the first time and only two additional issues were captured. It’s a great app. I feel so strongly about it that I have forward the link to every one I know who runs a Mac.Thank you guys for a world-class app that gives me huge POM.

Saved my bum

This app is amazing it has deleted at least 50 viruses from my computer for which I am extremely grateful. Just wanted to say thanks guys or girls and you earned the 5 stars.

Painfully slow antivirus

While it does find viruses correctly, it does not do so efficiently. The app lets you choose between Quick Scan, Normal Scan, or Full Scan. No exaggeration, the ‘Quick Scan’ took over 30 minutes to complete! The ‘Full Scan’ is even slower - in fact it’s so slow that I ended up just canceling the scan after the first hour. I have a 2017 Macbook Pro with an i5 processor and a 250 GB hard drive that is only halfway full - so it’s not my computer that is slow, it is definitely the app

Works well

Was able to remove numerous threats and adware.

Seems to work?

It caught a few items, that once I did some research really wasn’t true malware, virus or trojans so not sure if this thing actually works or not. Plus the “QuickScan” I don’t know what their definition of quick is but it still took 45 minutes?? Full scan took a little over an hour & OMG both drained battery life to the point where I now run it with my MBP plugged in.

Awsome app!!!

Downloaded and ran it on my Macbook Pro. It found 3 malaware files. My mac now runs smooth.

Didn’t do what it promised to

I had a Safari pop-up tab problem where every time I went from one site to another, a new tab would pop up and sometimes drop in some malware. My previous app, as it turned out, wasn’t up to date, and Antivirus Zap found 137 separate bits of malware. It also found brower problems and a Mail problem. All cool. But the first time I started up Safari again, the same damned pop-up occurred. Obviously I can’t uninstall Safari, but I can’t fix it. I have to go to Opera.


this app worked fast and the best I’ve evrer used. Running fast again ,malware gone Thanks

Great App

Uninvasive, reliable and dependable. This app just what I needed for my peace of mind. Keep up the good work!

Can’t Use

The program will not allow me to grant access therefore it’s useless, currently looking for a way to refund the product.


After many tries… I finally found an app that gave me my laptop back.

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