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Worked great

I was a lttle leary about the software but it worked great and was very easy to use.

Just like it advertised

Recognized ADWARE. Gave me the option. I zapped it from my iMac. I’m smiling.


I wasn’t having any particular problem, but this app had enough 5 star ratings I felt it was worth it to give it a try. Turns out I had a few phishing emails buried deep that other apps missed. Cool.

Just what was needed. Problem solved.

I somehow acquired a virus that was an extension on my safari browser. Whenever I went to safari I was redirected to "Any Search Manager”. I couldn’t find this in my applications. This app quickly found it when I did the browser restore scan. problem solved. this was a very inexpensive way to solve my problem.

Great value

Took a few hours, 108 items found. I’m Happy. I knew my computer was running like junk.

New user

New user so far did what i wanted

Mac runs like new!

My mac runs like it did when I first installed the SSD

Safe and effective

I knew I had a phony Mac “cleaning” app show up but wasn’t sure what to do. Went to tthe app store and found this app. It took awhile; very detailed scan. It has appeared to do the trick. It found 31 infected files includeing malware.

Works so far!

My I-MAC wa slow and it would not stay connected to the internet. I had to restart the computer if I did not make an enrty in 15 minutes or 30 minutes if I was working on an internet sight. I used computer cleaners, which cleaned some of the bad files; but I still expereinced the internet conection problems. I paid over a hundfed $$ for a service to clean my computer, and it took care of my problem temporarily, but did not solve it. I purchased and installed Antivirus Zap sofware on my computer and did a quick scan. It found 52 corrupted files that the other 3 attempts did not find. I deleted the corrupted files and my computer seems to be running faster and I was able to reconnect to the internet without having to restart my computer. What was said in previous writeups about MacKeeper and Megabackup is true. They are bad for your computer and patience. They apparently plant bugs deep in your computer so they disrupt things so you will buy their software at a monthly charge which is more than the one-time sale price of Anti-virus Zap. Antivirus Zap detected these deepl hidden viruses. I hope it detected and allowed me to, delete these files from mhy computer operating system. Only time will tell. It is well worth the $4.95 adn savings in my personal frustrations to regain control of my own com[puter. I look forwafd to doing a Normal, Full, and Directory scan in the next few days over night so I can be sure that it gets them all. It is also nice to know that this software will alert and protect me to future viruses as my compujter is exposed to them.

Seems fine

I didn’t really have any issues, but the price was right so I use it to keep things clean. It finds the occational file and hasn’t screwed anything up, so… FIVE STARS!


My computer had ground to a halt it would not access the internet and I could not get safari to operate or function or search, or type in new directions. obtained this program fromm the AP store ran one scan and found 9 issues 8 were minor number 9 was and older program i installed in 2017 .deleted them. computer now works like it is supposed to.

Extremely beneficial!!!!

I use this App on my iMac, MacBook Air, and iPad and it has removed malware, addware and phising from my devices. You be amazed what or where you can get addware and these annying malware links from and this app has been able to remove them all. It is that simple!!!!

Easy and effective!

Love it! User friendly, inexpensive and found a lot of things that got by my old antivirus program.

It seems to enjoy its work.

This is my first line of defense. The program seems wonderful, esp. at the price. I wish them well. i wonder why there are so few updates.

It works!

Right when I bought my macbook I accidentlly DL adware by clicking a fake adobe dl and right out of the gate I knew something was wrong I orginally bought a adware remover it helped a bit but yesterday I bought this and it has completely fixed my Mac. So happy that this works my Macbook feels like its brand new fresh outta the box!! Don’t worry no bs real dude here not a bot or fake review. Thank you zap


Effective efficient. Works well. Necessary to have with all the spyware and malware!


An Application that finds and removes Virus infections from Macintosh Computers! It really works!

First Quick Scan

I selected Quick Scan to see how it worked. The Quick Scan took 2 hours. It found 33 infections. The tool is very easu to use.

Incredibly efficient program!

After running this app on full scan covering 290,000 files I discovered 83 infected files! It took about an hour to run. I had another free virus scan called Sentenial pro virus scan and it did not detect any infected files. That one was a waste. I am very impressed by this app and it is well worth the money!

Great app

This app did remove several hidden malware and helped speed up operation of my lab top. Great prices as well.

Really great antivirus

It’s cheap, no subcription, no promotion, no distraction. It’s work like it suppose to be. This is a greatest antivirus. Thank you.


I had a virus hijack my safari browser. This product found the source and removed it quickly. I highly recommend this app if you have issues.

Great App!

I love this app! It has found “junk” and unwanted stuff on my MAC. My programs run faster and I’m completely happy with this!

Isolated and Identified 53 malware that McAfee Missed!

My identity was stolen by an MAC virus cleaner-type application that even came with a free download of McAfee! In less than two weeks, 40 accounts, purchase of two cars and trucks, debt consolidation loan, pharmacy delivery, and multiple subscriptions and credit cards were opened using my identity. I was able to isolate it to that app program purchase and download- and delete it- solely through Anti-Zap! 53 malware were detected and deleted in one anti-Zap Scan! 7 pages printed out to forward to FTC. And entire time I relied solely on McAfee and this Malware Program for 100% Scanning and Security. (Program has a way of either evading McAfee, but since downloads and license keys for both provided on same invoice- seems highly technical. Would generate daily fake “scan” reports and updates even using McAfee logos.) I ran a scan with Antizap— Problem Identified and Solved! Went to McAfee Chat to report identity theft and solutiuons- chat tech uninstalled AntiZap! Even ran a McAfee scan- despite the fact that the Anti-Zap scan and repair was done minutes prior. I ended chat and tossed McAfee in the Trash and am Sticking with The Best! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

This works

I have anti-virus/ardwire programs that tell me I am clean and others that tell me I have a problem but don’t help me. This one tells me all that is haywire then eliminates the problems on command. Great App.

Very good app

Gets rid of those adware pop ups, yikes I hate them and who in their right mind would buy something from a popup? Just encourages them. If this app had a gauge showing approximate timeframe and would allow a pause I would rate it at 5 stars.


it works


worked great

An app that identifies and remove abd stuff— what’s not to like?

This is a very effective app. I was looking around for a free anti-virus app, read reviews, and settled on this. And I’m glad I did.

Great App

Had been look for app that would simly check files on the computer, first quick scan found 38 infected files. Wpuld be nice if there was some way to say why the file(s) were bad and needed to be removed

excellent program

I was impressed with the program. It helped get rid of a program that took control of my MacBook which almost prevented me from using my computer until I signed up for the program. Easy to use.

Finds stuff unlike other programs

I have various other apps to find viruses but this app went deeper than the others and found lots of phishing type stuff that was deep in my email and even alerted me to apps that had adware in them. 5 STARS!

good results & customer support

After accidentally downloading the “Advanced Mac Cleaner virus” which was a fake alert to upgrade Adobe Flash player, I chose this app. I ran FULL scan over 2 hours finding 72 infected files from 464 thousand, mostly from before the recent download error. Later I ran QUICK scan which ran the same more than 2 hours. Quick? It found 3 files left out of 525 thousand files. The 3 were the same file. It said I had to manually drag to trash and empty, but I could not locate the file anywhere. I contacted customer support and they told me how to find the missing file, which I then deleted. I assume it works.

seems to work pretty well, except

it seems to work pretty well, except for one ADWare preference file that keeps coming up as infected…Zap tells me the file name (numbers) and where it supposedly is and that I must delete it manually…but a search on my Mac can’t find that file with the name that Zap assigns to it. All in All i am satisfied except for that one ellusive infected file.


First time user. Easy. Found and removed phishing emails. Good reassurance especially for the price.


I like the app, easy to use, low price and effective. Cant beat that. I did not give it all 5 stars becuase I would like to see the software run in the background. I recieved a popup for “Mac-Cleaner” software, the popup seems fishy and wouldn’t go away easily. I ran a normal scan and sure enough I had multiple adware results for the same program. Glad it found it, but it wouldv'e been nice for the program to pop-up and state their was an issue. It found all the adware’s and deleted them promptly though.

Didn’t believe till I tried it

My computer was acting up a little. I used another program M…REB…TS to scan for malware and got a clean bill of health. I still kept having problems, so I decided to take the plunge for the 4.99. I ran it, which kind of takes a while. But, the wait was well worth it. It found 16 files infected. I was surprised but I looked at the details for thier location on my HD and sure enough there they were. I would recommend this program based on my experience. Befroe this, I was one of those who believed viruses were only for PC’s. Now I plan to run this weekly.

It works and they have great support

I had the myShopCoupon virus, which was actually embedded in a hidden file. After a short email to Anti Virus Zap Support and they walked me through the fix. Reasonably priced and excellent support.

Found Many Adware Issues!!! Total Happiness!!!

the price is right and it was fast and easy...


I purchased this product, but was skeptical. I’d used a couple other programs but after purchasing this it found 255 files and removed them. My Mac seems to be running a lot faster so I’m thankful.

Antivirus Zap

I had lot of infected files. It took almost an hour to go through all files and I had to remove about 120 infected files manually. This seems like a great product. i recommewnd this app for any person who need to get the mac cleaned. I kept using this product for few weeks and today morning I found only one infected file. I was able to get rid of it soon. This product works great. It worked again. Had lot of viruses and all got rid of. This is a great product.

Love it!

Antivirus Zap works great! I am very impressed. I highly recommend Antivirus Zap!

No Privacy Policy

I have been unable to locate a Privacy Policy for this app. Many antivirus products collect detailed information including types of files scanned and URLs visited. What information does this app collect from users? How is this information used?

The app fopund a phishing file related to Mail

The app fopund a phishing file related to Mail. I was having trouble with what appeared to be some on my contact list sending a hello and maybe there was other attached to it. I will watch to see if that problem is resolved but I was suspicious this was the case. In any case, Antivirus Zap found one creeped in file.

worked well

Worked as advertised

Found 8 viruses

Yesterday, I had my adblock off for some reason and ran into something funky on the web that had me worried my MacBook might have contracted a virus. I downloaded Anti-virus Zap yesterday and it found 8 viruses, including malware attached to the Adobe Flash.dmg that I downloaded to update. Contrary to popular belief, Macs can get viruses that affect performance and functionality. This inexpensive program worked really well. I highly recommend it. Also, lesson learned about not using an adblock 100% of the time.


Got rid of adware and malware instantly; buy without thinking!

Works pretty good.

I did a full scan while I had Firefox, Activity Monitor, Audirvana Plus (with no plugins). All ran with no glitches and never high MEM or CPU. Also no unexplainable (via Little Snitch) out-going connections. It does phone home and seems to update its virus tables, but no more. It did flag two “Fishing or phishing?” email files burried way deep in my folderlist and had me confirm if it was OK to get rid of them. I don’t know where it got rid of them to, but it didn’t seem to be the Trash email folder or the Waste Basket. Quick. Under two hours. On a iMac 27 L2015, 8GMem, 2Tb Fusion HD, 3.3Ghz 2c I5. And as always, YMMV. So, Works Great! No apparant hanky-panky. Works for me! Two Thumbs Up.

AntiVirus Zap - Virus & Adware

My Mac desktop was locking out and needed to be restarted. I purchased AntiVirus Zap - Virus & Adware and it ran the scan and found 38 threats. With the push of button it cleared them all up. No more locking out on this computer. Great Buy for the money.

Does a big job for a small price

Kept getting prompts that my system was infected and to install Mac Sweeper. Pop ups were occuring more frequently. Checked the app store and decided for the price to give this app a try. Took a couple of hours to scan my entire system but identified all the hiding areas for the adware. Had to locate the files using finder and then manually deleted them. Right now the systems looks good. Very happy with the product. Will scan again later today.

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