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Works Great!

I selected a quick scan that found 14 threats. I cleaned those then I let it run overnight doing a full scan that found 9 threats. I cleaned those and my Mac runs very well. Thanks

38 infections all false alarms….

this antivirus is telling me that history files and some documents I wrote are malware. now I see how this developer is getting so many reviews. He is flagging good files as malware because people who are not having any computer knowledge will trust him. People wake up. In no world a good reliable antivirus can be sold for 4,99. Really? Don’t be fooled by this app.


KNEW MY Mac PRO TOWER. 5.1., w/Sierra OS10.12.6 was stating to run slower and longer time to start up. . I HAVE Three other ant-ivisus, Anti-malware Apps on my . NONE OF THEM CAUGHT THIS ... BUT ANTIVIRUS ZAP, When I ran a full scan, PICKED UP 33 CASES OF MALWARE from Another App. Not going to name it but the initals are MB. THAT SOLD ME. I’m not going to pay to upgrade the others.

scan time for my home folder - > 13 hours

I do not understand why the developer is not fixing this problem. Many users are reporting a enormous scan time and no update is released? Is this app still supported? Why the developer is not responding to the user reviews? Is this for real?

Mac cleanup

Great anti virus app, works every time and does it quickly. I love it!!

Yea right… fake description

“the scan takes 10-30 minutes to complete” - yea right. It took 17 hours to complete and in the end it showed me some history files as infected. SHAME developer, but what you would expect for a 4,99$ What you pay is what you get.

how this can be for sale????

How can Apple allow this to be for sale while it is producing tons of false positive? I made a scan of my Applications folder and Zap flagged: Safari, AppStore, Calculator, Mail and Notes as malware!!!! How can be this possible??? Apple should investigate the problem.

Very nice!

At first, I didn’t want to buy an app, but my mac was really slow. I’m so glad I did! After downloading, I ran a full scan and it found 12 files of malware, junk, etc. I would recommend.


Finds problems not discovered by Bitfinder. Excellent


That’s all. ;)

Too many false positives

The app returns too many false positives. If you delete them it will continue to ask you for reviews. This is not an antivirus is a review beggar. The developer does not care about providing a good aplication to remove malware. As far as I can see he only care to get reviews. The app price is too low for a good antivirus. Seriously 4,99? “I am too poor to buy cheap things"

So Far, So Good!

It appears to track on a deep level, very much like Norton Symantec type anti-virus for Windows. I hope this helps as I had the pre-misconception that Apple was more secure. Wrong. Get some anti-virus, malware, anti-adware system to help keep you from being cyber bullied/attacked! Hope all goes well with this provider!

Finally Fixed!!

This really works!! I ran the quick scan because of the reviews I had read. It took a long time and there is no way to stop it without knowing what infections there are. The quick scan took 3 hours. Then I ran the directory scan. Went to bed after an hour so don’t know how long it ran but it found some more nasty trojans; it found 10 more items than the quick scan. After each time my computer began running faster without popups! Because the software doesn’t give options when a scan takes so long and does not give an indication of how much longer it will take, then I give 4 stars otherwise it would be 5 stars. Thank you Zap!! I GOT MY MAC BACK!!! OK after running quick scan first and then scan directory, I ran full scan. It took 2 1/2 hours and found 4 more adwares. The adwares were mackeeper and megabackup. Bad, bad stuff. Don’t get those things!! I ADVISE YOU TO RUN QUICK SCAN FIRST BECAUSE IT GETS RID OF THE STUFF THAT REALLY SLOWS DOWN YOUR COMPUTER. THE DIRECTORY SCAN GETS RID OF ADDITIONAL ADWARE, PLUS MALWARE, TROJANS AND OTHER VERY HARMFUL STUFF. THEN THE FULL SCAN GETS THE ADDITIONAL STUFF AND GIVES PEACE OF MIND!!! You will be happy you did this even tho it takes hours it is worth it. ZAP you need to give more information about what was done with previous scans such as how long it took. You already have what was found which helps!

Works as advertised!

Fast download and very easy to use. The program identified 8 issues on the first quick scan and 1 malware issue on the full scan. I’m very satisified with this product. The only improvment I would like to see is a scan progress indicator and the ability to pause a scan without having to start over. Considering the price and performance these are certainly not a major concern.

Miracles come true!

I never ever review on things even when I am fully satisfied; however, I believe this review is important. This is legit, this app works perfectly. My buddy was going to charge me 50 dollars to clean my mac, but this worked! Very simple and you can clean your mac whenever you feel its necessary!!!!! Get It!



don’t trust the results

This app has so many 5 stars reviews because is producing tons of false positives which inexperienced people treat them as malware. Don’t trust what this app is flagging as malware because most of them are history files which are NOT malware.

Seems to Work

This app removed two Phising email threats. Thanks to the developers!

Good job!

I had 24 infections and the app removed all of them!

Its Lite And Awesome

Found 23

This Really Does Work!

This app took time to check all the files, but it was thorough. Corrupt files eliminated and speed restored. Eight bucks and a couple of hours: well worth it.

It works!

So my Mac has detected viruses. And it has been running really slow. But I downloaded this app and Voila! No more viruses and my Mac was working like it was new.

Scan is taking too long to complete

It took 8 hours for the scan to complete and I scanned only my home folder. The app description says that it takes maximum 30 minutes, which is confusing the Apple users. After the 8 hours of scan, the app detected some Safari history files as malware, which is way wrong and false positive. don’t trust this app.


helped clean up my mac

Well, it works

Having discovered I’ve picked up some unwanted problems, I went down the list of available products in the app store. Picked this one based on the customer reviews. Didn’t hurt that the price was lower than I expected (I was expecting to pay in the neighborhood of $20.00). Had it installed, ran a quick scan for a first shot which immediately picked up 36 corrupted files. Cleared them out and the computer seems to be working fine. So, for a first impression, I think I’ve got a winner here.

I still have OptiBuy popups and ads

Bought this Antivirus Zap because of the good reviews and in hope that will clean my Safari browser from OptiBuy ads. It prooved that it is useless against it. I still have this problem. The app failed to identify the source of the OptiBuy but it produced lots of false positives against some of my college pdf files.

Scan takes too long to complete and freezes

Scanning my home folder took 18 hours and didn’t complete so far. It is simply stuck to some files. It is useless so far if you can’t complete a proper scan.

Better than Expectd

Like many of us I was skeptical about free virus software. When it was recommended by the Apple folks I decided to give it a try and have not been sorry. With all the ADs that for some reason always attach themselves to our computer, I gave this a try and it works. I run it periodically and sure enough it finds those pesky files and removes them. I love this app

Love it!

Antivirus Zap works great! I am very impressed.

Smashed my Time Machine Backup

DO NOT scan your Time Maching external backup using this app. My experience was as follows: Selected my external HDD for scan, after 4 hours of running, the app suddenly crashed and my HDD partition table was damaged. I lost all my backup and had to repartion it using DIsk Utility. Don’t try what I did. It will cause you lots of trouble.

Scan took 31 hours??????

A scan of my home folder took more than 31 hours to complete. What joke is that? In the end it showed me some Safari history files flagged as infected files? This is a joke. Apple should take action. I would not rate this app not even 1 star. It deserves minus 10 stars

scan takes forever, no pause and review

I ran this thing for a couple of days on full scan. No gauge of progress. Eventually it seemed to slow everything to a crawl so I stopped it. It had found 1825 “infected” files. Lost them all as soon as I stopped, need to start from scratch. This time I’m doing a “quick scan.”It’s found 104 so far, if it can be believed, but no way to see what they are until it finishes. FRUSTRATING. No way to tell if it works yet because it’s taking so much time and IT DOES NOT ACT ON WHAT IT’S FOUND UNTIL IT’S COMPLETED ITS SCAN. So that could be a problem, since time may be of the essence. Yes, it was cheap. Get what you pay for.

A hour long “Quick” Scan


OptiBuy is still here

My Safari was hijacked by OptiBuy adware. Bought this app and after a few scans the problem is still here. The app flagged bogus files like Safari History files infected with MacKeeper. After a closer look I figure out that this app is using a basic search string flagging anything have the name of MacKeeper as malware (This is why people are getting tricked that something was removed) Test: create a file called MacKeeper.dmg in your Home folder or Desktop, scan with this app and see that it will be flagged as malware, obviously you did create it. So in conclusion be careful what you delete because this app is not accurate.

A Job well done

I know when things go strange. Our virus program didn’t ever find a problem. Antivirus Zip quickly found two threats. They are gone and I am quite happy with the app. Thanks for doing a good job!.

not working for MyCouponize

Was not able to detect and remove the MyCouponize redirect from the Safari browser. I tried all the scan types but the problem is still here.

too many false positives

Zap flaggs legit PDF and DOC files as malware. There is no way I can exclude it from the scan. The external devices scan is not working properly. The app crashes when I try to scan a USB storage media.

Best One Yet

After reading the review by Meka41, I downloaded Antivirus Zap, because my Mac ran VERY slow like his. The program found 23 infected files — including 4 from Mackeeper! Once removed, all the original speed is restored. Best $6 I spent this year. Also dumped MACKEEPER. Weird way they run a business.

Found 53 Adwares and a couple malware

So far am happy. am going to do a full scan overnight. it got rid of MacKeeper which i had attempted to get rid of a few times and thought had been successful..there were still traces of it…hopefully this app finally rid me of it. i will check again tomorrow and update the review. so far it was worth the purchase!

great work

Very nice…quick, clean and simple

Great job!

So my Mac has been running really slow which is a huge peeve of mine. I struggled with purchasing virus protection because of all the mixed reviews of some of the different apps and how they didn’t work or people thought they were spyware. I researched and researched and some weren’t in the app store, so what was I to do? The apps there were in the app store had around 4 stars, but Antivirus Zap had the most reviews with 4 stars so I decided to take a chance. When I first downloaded the app, I did a full scan and it took about 30-40 minutes. I had 6 viruses/malware/adware and removed them. Now my internet speed is back to top speed. Thanks Antivirus Zap, I’m glad I took a chance.

Quidk Scan Found 28 Threats

Quidk Scan found 28 threats. I deleted them. That should solve some of my issues. I wish the App came with some instructions...

Fixed it

Fixed the issues in less than 25 minutes!


It helps me the best it can , it fixed all my issues


Nice small program that quickly tagged multiple email viruses, the very threats I was most concerned about. The price is a true bonus and if the program continues to work this well I would keep the score high.

Found 13 more malware etc the other missed - brilliant!!

Found 13 more malware etc the other missed - brilliant!! and thank you

So far so good

Found 9 and I was able to get rid of all. Would have liked a little more help on identifying what they were but I believe they were all not needed. So we will see how that goes.


I have used many antivirus/malware programs…And have only scanned my system a couple of times… It found quite a few phishing emails... I will update this review after I have had more time...

Not working as advertised

Zap Antivirus is flagging too many files which are not infected. The developer should release an update to remove this false positives.

Fixed it!

I downloaded Antivirus Zap as a second option, when the first app (Adware Removal) failed to successfully remove a chum malware (and others) after several runnings and re-starts of my computer. After the first run, Antivirus Zap successfully located and removed 4 problematic threats/viruses/malware! I am very happy. And now back to all the work I need to do :) thank you

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