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A $5 Great Gift! Just Buy This!

What a deal! It found no viruses but it did find and killed several adwares, html exploits and phishings. Sweet!


great app. worth the $

Rest Assured

Like many of us I was skeptical about free virus software. When it was recommended by the Apple folks I decided to give it a try and have not been sorry. With all the ADs that for some reason always attach themselves to our computer, I gave this a try and it works. I run it periodically and sure enough it finds those pesky files and removes them. I love this app

Easy to use and very efficient

So far, I’ve only used the Quick Scan and it faithfully finds malware in my email folder (imagine that). I highly recommend this software!

so far so good

i just downloaded it, and i had it scanned my enitre mac book air. i only had 6 adwares and they removed it for me. i will try and scan it once a week to make sure everything is alright with my mac

Gives me great “Peace of Mind"

First of all, I’m thankful for the friend who recommended this app to me. The first time I ran it, there were something like 54 issues that it discovered and got rid of. I have run it once a week since the first time and only two additional issues were captured. It’s a great app. I feel so strongly about it that I have forward the link to every one I know who runs a Mac.Thank you guys for a world-class app that gives me huge POM.

Saved my bum

This app is amazing it has deleted at least 50 viruses from my computer for which I am extremely grateful. Just wanted to say thanks guys or girls and you earned the 5 stars.

Painfully slow antivirus

While it does find viruses correctly, it does not do so efficiently. The app lets you choose between Quick Scan, Normal Scan, or Full Scan. No exaggeration, the ‘Quick Scan’ took over 30 minutes to complete! The ‘Full Scan’ is even slower - in fact it’s so slow that I ended up just canceling the scan after the first hour. I have a 2017 Macbook Pro with an i5 processor and a 250 GB hard drive that is only halfway full - so it’s not my computer that is slow, it is definitely the app

Works well

Was able to remove numerous threats and adware.

Seems to work?

It caught a few items, that once I did some research really wasn’t true malware, virus or trojans so not sure if this thing actually works or not. Plus the “QuickScan” I don’t know what their definition of quick is but it still took 45 minutes?? Full scan took a little over an hour & OMG both drained battery life to the point where I now run it with my MBP plugged in.

Awsome app!!!

Downloaded and ran it on my Macbook Pro. It found 3 malaware files. My mac now runs smooth.

Didn’t do what it promised to

I had a Safari pop-up tab problem where every time I went from one site to another, a new tab would pop up and sometimes drop in some malware. My previous app, as it turned out, wasn’t up to date, and Antivirus Zap found 137 separate bits of malware. It also found brower problems and a Mail problem. All cool. But the first time I started up Safari again, the same damned pop-up occurred. Obviously I can’t uninstall Safari, but I can’t fix it. I have to go to Opera.


this app worked fast and the best I’ve evrer used. Running fast again ,malware gone Thanks

Great App

Uninvasive, reliable and dependable. This app just what I needed for my peace of mind. Keep up the good work!

Can’t Use

The program will not allow me to grant access therefore it’s useless, currently looking for a way to refund the product.


After many tries… I finally found an app that gave me my laptop back.


My computer was showing obvious signs of bad software. I was experiencing very slow processing and weird pop-ups whenever I turned my computer on… one pretended to be iCloud saying “Get 1GB free!” So I downloaded this app and did a full scan of my computer. I had 31 infected files! 2 of which were Malware!!!!! insane. I can agree with others that it was weird to just click a button and have each file crossed out, signifying that it had been removed. I feel as though it could have just been saying that…. So, I restarted my computer and no more weird pop-ups. Must have worked! My computer is still a little bit slow so I am doing another scan now. It had to have worked to get those pop-ups to go away. I would recommend this to anyone experiencing these issues.

MacKeeper adwares

I finally got rid of all hidden files from Mackeeper. Thank you for your support in deleting unhidden files. FIVE stars for me!

Peace of Mind

I haven’t had problems with my computer, but I know I’m lucky. Using Zap gives me peace of mind. It finds questionable files every time I run it. Feels great to delete those!

Worked fine

I’m skeptical of any products online anymore. But I had another app scanned and then used this one and found 2 files the other one didn’t . So, pretty happy with it..

What speed update?

I don’t find the Quick Scan any different after this update. Compared to BitDefender it’s slow!

Best Malware hunter for the price.

This little bug killer has found adWare and MalWare that MalwareBytes missed. It really works

Yucky Stuff Gone

Computer was crawling like a turtle on thorazine! Now it’s flying like an F-18!! What a difference… all the yucky stuff is gone!!


Works exactly as described. Simple Genius!

Malware Removal

Since utilizing this software; my computer runs much faster!

AMAZING customer service!!

We purchased this as we had pop ups that we couldn’t get rid of and things were really slowing down on our Mac. Great features of being able to do quick or longer, more indepth scans. We had a question with some troubles we were having on our daughters’ accounts and contacted the support. They got back to us within 8 hours on Thanksgiving Weekend! AND they followed up to see if it all worked out. Kudos to a great product and great help!!

Really handy app!

I wanted a app to scan my computer as my company had some viruses being sent through email. I read through the reviews and it seemed like a great product, and the issues that people had spoken of seemed to be fixed in my download. While the scan didn’t give me an estimated time for completion, it did have a pause button and seemed to let me delete files as the scan found them. My computer is newer and doesn’t have a lot of files on it, so the scan worked very quickly and only found one file, which I promptly asked it to remove. The only reason that I gave it 4 out of 5 is because I would have liked a more thorough confirmation that the file was removed, rather than it just striking through the text—but this could just be because when things seem to work fast, we question if they’re really working. I’m sure the system had already isolated that file and deleting it was a very quick process, but I felt that I would have liked to see where it was deleting it. Overall, I would definitely recommend this! It seems like a great product for $1.99.

Antivirus Zap is the best antivirus I have ever used.

My iMac was contaminated by malware that masqueraded as a Flash update. The Antivirus Zap screened my hard drive and removed 14 bugs. I was also impressed when I emailed the manufacturer for information at 7:30 on a Sunday evening. They responded within an hour! This was incredible!

finally — success

For some time I used another antivirus s0ftware that did okay until my desktop got a really bad virus. I tried and tried using it to clean, but it failed. And its maker gave me no support. In desperation I got Zap thinking it would likely fail. And it did until I got marvelous support from its producer. We worked together and finally got my computer clean. It really deserves more than five stars; how about ten?

Wouldn’t be Itout It!

I monitor both an Internet and an e-mail list for over 100 persons, who range from tech savvy to neophyte. The chances for malware are compounded due to the age of the group - - all in their 90’s, to whom malware is a foreign concept. Antivirus Zap helps me keep my Mac free of whatevergets passed along.

Better than...

Zap immediately found infections that Bitdefender could not. Most difficult for most antivirus is adware Totitek. Trying to get rid of it for 2 years, Zap did it.

Excellent Antivirus App for Mac

I was shocked by how many phishing viruses caming in to daily email box, the Zap done its work and zapped them all very impressive, should perform in daily maintenance basis.

It’s great

It’s great app

Delete log

Run the program and found 27 a bad files I removed and like it said in the instruction. It then drew a line through the titles but there's no way I can get rid of them so every time I ran the program it seems to add the new ones to the end of that list and that gets to be really nuisance how do I get rid of them? It was very easy to run and didn’t take only about 1/2 hour to find the bad files. I am going to start running it every week.


it’s great, thank you, keep on the good job

Works Great!

I selected a quick scan that found 14 threats. I cleaned those then I let it run overnight doing a full scan that found 9 threats. I cleaned those and my Mac runs very well. Thanks


KNEW MY Mac PRO TOWER. 5.1., w/Sierra OS10.12.6 was stating to run slower and longer time to start up. . I HAVE Three other ant-ivisus, Anti-malware Apps on my . NONE OF THEM CAUGHT THIS ... BUT ANTIVIRUS ZAP, When I ran a full scan, PICKED UP 33 CASES OF MALWARE from Another App. Not going to name it but the initals are MB. THAT SOLD ME. I’m not going to pay to upgrade the others.

Mac cleanup

Great anti virus app, works every time and does it quickly. I love it!!

Very nice!

At first, I didn’t want to buy an app, but my mac was really slow. I’m so glad I did! After downloading, I ran a full scan and it found 12 files of malware, junk, etc. I would recommend.


Finds problems not discovered by Bitfinder. Excellent


That’s all. ;)

So Far, So Good!

It appears to track on a deep level, very much like Norton Symantec type anti-virus for Windows. I hope this helps as I had the pre-misconception that Apple was more secure. Wrong. Get some anti-virus, malware, anti-adware system to help keep you from being cyber bullied/attacked! Hope all goes well with this provider!

Finally Fixed!!

This really works!! I ran the quick scan because of the reviews I had read. It took a long time and there is no way to stop it without knowing what infections there are. The quick scan took 3 hours. Then I ran the directory scan. Went to bed after an hour so don’t know how long it ran but it found some more nasty trojans; it found 10 more items than the quick scan. After each time my computer began running faster without popups! Because the software doesn’t give options when a scan takes so long and does not give an indication of how much longer it will take, then I give 4 stars otherwise it would be 5 stars. Thank you Zap!! I GOT MY MAC BACK!!! OK after running quick scan first and then scan directory, I ran full scan. It took 2 1/2 hours and found 4 more adwares. The adwares were mackeeper and megabackup. Bad, bad stuff. Don’t get those things!! I ADVISE YOU TO RUN QUICK SCAN FIRST BECAUSE IT GETS RID OF THE STUFF THAT REALLY SLOWS DOWN YOUR COMPUTER. THE DIRECTORY SCAN GETS RID OF ADDITIONAL ADWARE, PLUS MALWARE, TROJANS AND OTHER VERY HARMFUL STUFF. THEN THE FULL SCAN GETS THE ADDITIONAL STUFF AND GIVES PEACE OF MIND!!! You will be happy you did this even tho it takes hours it is worth it. ZAP you need to give more information about what was done with previous scans such as how long it took. You already have what was found which helps!

Works as advertised!

Fast download and very easy to use. The program identified 8 issues on the first quick scan and 1 malware issue on the full scan. I’m very satisified with this product. The only improvment I would like to see is a scan progress indicator and the ability to pause a scan without having to start over. Considering the price and performance these are certainly not a major concern.

Miracles come true!

I never ever review on things even when I am fully satisfied; however, I believe this review is important. This is legit, this app works perfectly. My buddy was going to charge me 50 dollars to clean my mac, but this worked! Very simple and you can clean your mac whenever you feel its necessary!!!!! Get It!

Seems to Work

This app removed two Phising email threats. Thanks to the developers!

Good job!

I had 24 infections and the app removed all of them!

Its Lite And Awesome

Found 23

This Really Does Work!

This app took time to check all the files, but it was thorough. Corrupt files eliminated and speed restored. Eight bucks and a couple of hours: well worth it.

It works!

So my Mac has detected viruses. And it has been running really slow. But I downloaded this app and Voila! No more viruses and my Mac was working like it was new.

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